About Wise Platform

Over the last decade, Wise has been building the best way to move and manage the world’s money. With over 12 million active customers worldwide, we have established ourselves as a global leader in cross-border payments innovation. 

A few years ago, we received an influx of Hungarian customers, all from one bank. It turned out that the bank’s own staff were sending their customers to us because they were unhappy with their own service. That was great for us, but added friction for customers looking for faster, cheaper and convenient international payments.

We believe that the easiest place for a customer to make a cross-border payment is where they are already managing their money, which is usually with a bank. So, we built Wise Platform to bring all the benefits of Wise to them, exactly where they already are.

Wise Platform is Wise’s market-leading global payments infrastructure for banks, financial institutions and enterprises around the world. We provide these organisations with the capabilities, technology and network to enable fast, secure and cost-effective international payments for their customers.

Our network is supported by 90+ banking and payment partners, 65+ licences and 5 direct connections to payment systems, enabling a service that is fast and reliable.

Today, Wise Platform works with over 85 partners worldwide including traditional banks like Bank Mandiri in Indonesia, the world’s largest neobank, Nubank in Brazil and other business tools and investment providers like Brex, GooglePay and Interactive Brokers in the US. 

Did you know?

62% of end-to-end payments sent via Wise arrive instantly (in 20 seconds or less*), and 94% arrive within 24 hours, giving a seamless experience to our partners and their customers. 

*Transaction speed depends on individual circumstances and may not be available for all transactions.

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